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2 September 2008 Pusillanthus (Loranthaceae), a New Monotypic Genus from Venezuela
Job Kuijt
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A new monotypic genus of Loranthaceae, Pusillanthus Kuijt, is described and illustrated from Venezuela, based on Phthirusa trichodes Rizzini. It contrasts with other genera of small-flowered Neotropical Loranthaceae in combining an umbellate capitulum, tetramery, bisexual flowers with nearly sessile anthers, the absence of epicortical roots, and the presence of a conspicuous indument. The other genera have racemic or spike-like inflorescences (rarely solitary, axillary flowers). Species in the genus Struthanthus may represent the closest relatives, differing in their versatile anthers, 6-merous flowers, epicortical roots, and (except a single, unrelated Bolivian species) lack of indument; however, that genus is believed to be paraphyletic.

Job Kuijt "Pusillanthus (Loranthaceae), a New Monotypic Genus from Venezuela," Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 18(3), 370-373, (2 September 2008).
Published: 2 September 2008
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