16 December 2008 A New Species of Draba (Brassicaceae) from North Anatolia, Turkey
Ahmet Duran, Muhittin Dinç, Esra Martin
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Draba anatolica A. Duran & Dinç, a new species of Brassicaceae collected from Kastamonu province in North Anatolia, Turkey, is described and illustrated. The species grows on rocky crevices and stony slopes in Ilgaz Mountain National Park. It is related to D. siliquosa M. Bieberstein, from which it mainly differs in its densely stellate-pubescent fruit, the 10- to 20-flowered inflorescence, the stellate-pubescent stems with five to eight leaves, the petals 4.5–5 mm long and sparsely stellate-pubescent externally, and the pubescent, 8–10 mm, fruiting pedicel. The ecology, biogeography, and conservation status of the species are discussed. Fruit and seed coat surface micromorphology of D. anatolica are examined by SEM, and the chromosome number and morphology are determined, with 2n = 16.

Ahmet Duran, Muhittin Dinç, and Esra Martin "A New Species of Draba (Brassicaceae) from North Anatolia, Turkey," Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 18(4), 464-468, (16 December 2008). https://doi.org/10.3417/2007023
Published: 16 December 2008
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North Anatolia
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