11 September 2009 Nomenclatural Actions for the New World Cypresses (Cupressaceae)
D. J. de Laubenfels
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A new genus, Neocupressus de Laubenfels, is erected for the New World cypresses (Cupressaceae) to separate them from Callitropsis Oersted, where they have recently been placed. This is based on several sharp morphological distinctions. A new hybrid nothogenus, ×Neocupropsis de Laubenfels, is also erected to accommodate hybrid species from various species of Neocupressus and Callitropsis. The new combinations are: Neocupressus arizonica (Greene) de Laubenfels, N. arizonica var. glabra (Sudworth) de Laubenfels, N. arizonica var. nevadensis (Abrams) de Laubenfels, N. arizonica var. montana (Wiggins) de Laubenfels, N. bakeri (Jepson) de Laubenfels, N. goveniana (Gordon) de Laubenfels, N. goveniana var. abramsiana (C. B. Wolf) de Laubenfels, N. goveniana var. pygmaea (Lemmon) de Laubenfels, N. guadalupensis (S. Watson) de Laubenfels, N. guadalupensis var. forbesii (Jepson) de Laubenfels, N. lusitanica (Miller) de Laubenfels, N. lusitanica var. lindleyi (Klotzsch in Endlicher) de Laubenfels, N. macnabiana (A. Murray bis) de Laubenfels, N. macrocarpa (Hartweg) de Laubenfels, N. sargentii (Jepson) de Laubenfels, ×Neocupropsis leylandii (A. B. Jackson & Dallimore) de Laubenfels, ×N. notabilis (A. F. Mitchell) de Laubenfels, and ×N. ovensii (A. F. Mitchell) de Laubenfels. A lectotype is selected for N. lusitanica var. lindleyi.

D. J. de Laubenfels "Nomenclatural Actions for the New World Cypresses (Cupressaceae)," Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 19(3), 300-306, (11 September 2009). https://doi.org/10.3417/2006176
Published: 11 September 2009
New World cypresses
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