11 September 2009 A New Zygomorphic-Flowered Rinorea (Violaceae) from the Neotropics
Gregory A. Wahlert, Harvey E. Ballard Jr.
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A distinctive new species from the Neotropics, Rinorea zygomorpha H. E. Ballard & Wahlert (Violaceae), is described and illustrated. It has several character states unique to Neotropical Rinorea Aublet, including a strongly zygomorphic corolla and single-seeded capsule, which distinguish it from other New World species. The new species is also aberrant in several respects in the family, with bifid dorsal connective appendages, stipitate ovary and fruit, and lateral attachment on the laterally compressed seed. A key is presented to separate this new species from other Neotropical members of Rinorea. An assessment of IUCN status using ArcView GIS software with georeferenced localities places the new species in the Least Concern category.

Gregory A. Wahlert and Harvey E. Ballard Jr. "A New Zygomorphic-Flowered Rinorea (Violaceae) from the Neotropics," Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 19(3), 416-420, (11 September 2009). https://doi.org/10.3417/2007155
Published: 11 September 2009
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