11 September 2009 New Combinations in North American Rosulabryum (Bryopsida, Bryaceae)
John R. Spence
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For the Flora of North America Project, five species are transferred to Rosulabryum J. R. Spence (Bryaceae). Two weedy European species, Bryum bornholmense Winkelmann & R. Ruthe and B. rubens Mitten, are transferred based on morphology and recent molecular results, as R. bornholmense (Winkelmann & R. Ruthe) J. R. Spence and R. rubens (Mitten) J. R. Spence. The western North American endemics B. erythroloma (Kindberg) Syed and B. gemmascens Kindberg are also transferred to Rosulabryum, as R. erythroloma (Kindberg) J. R. Spence and R. gemmascens (Kindberg) J. R. Spence. Finally, the rare eastern North American Brachymenium andersonii H. A. Crum is transferred to Rosulabryum as R. andersonii (H. A. Crum) J. R. Spence. In all, 13 species of Rosulabryum are found in North America north of Mexico. A key to the species is included.

John R. Spence "New Combinations in North American Rosulabryum (Bryopsida, Bryaceae)," Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 19(3), 397-400, (11 September 2009). https://doi.org/10.3417/2008026
Published: 11 September 2009
North America
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