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10 December 2009 Melaleuca (Myrtaceae) from Australia
Lyn A. Craven
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Preparation of an account of Melaleuca L. (Myrtaceae) for Flora of Australia resulted in the recognition of nine new species and three subspecies of Melaleuca. The following are newly described from Australia: from Queensland: M. hemisticta S. T. Blake ex Craven, M. lazaridis Craven, M. montis-zamiae Craven, M. phratra Craven, M. pyramidalis Craven, M. quercina Craven, M. viminalis (Solander ex Gaertner) Byrne subsp. rhododendron Craven, M. williamsii Craven subsp. fletcheri Craven; from New South Wales: M. megalongensis Craven & S. M. Douglas, M. serpentina Craven, M. williamsii subsp. synoriensis Craven; and from Queensland and New South Wales: M. sabrina Craven. The recently described Callistemon wimmerensis Marriott & G. W. Carr is transferred to Melaleuca as M. wimmerensis (Marriott & G. W. Carr) Craven.

Lyn A. Craven "Melaleuca (Myrtaceae) from Australia," Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 19(4), 444-453, (10 December 2009).
Published: 10 December 2009
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New South Wales
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