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10 December 2009 A New Species of Taxiphyllum (Musci: Hypnaceae) from Sri Lanka
Ryszard Ochyra, Robert R. Ireland
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A new species, Taxiphyllum townsendii Ochyra & Ireland (Hypnaceae, Musci), is described from Sri Lanka. The species was earlier known under the name Plagiothecium ceylonense Brotherus ex Dixon, but this name was not validly published and therefore a new name is needed. Taxiphyllum townsendii is similar in many ways to the common eastern North American species, T. deplanatum (Bruch & Schimper ex Sullivant) M. Fleischer, but differs by its larger, often oblong-lanceolate leaves that are abruptly or gradually short- or long-acuminate; much longer and narrower mid-leaf cells; short-rectangular, very broad basal leaf cells that form a distinct 1- to 2-seriate strip at the leaf insertion; and a prominent angular group of large quadrate to short-rectangular cells that extend up the margins by four to 10 cells. Taxiphyllum subretusum (Thwaites & Mitten) O'Shea is transferred to the genus Phyllodon Schimper as P. subretusus (Thwaites & Mitten) Ochyra & Ireland and the name is lectotypified. The validity of the name Entodon isopterygioides (Dixon) Dixon is discussed and this name is considered to be validly published.

Ryszard Ochyra and Robert R. Ireland "A New Species of Taxiphyllum (Musci: Hypnaceae) from Sri Lanka," Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 19(4), 485-489, (10 December 2009).
Published: 10 December 2009
Sri Lanka
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