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29 November 2010 Nomenclatural Notes on American Thymelaeaceae
Zachary S. Rogers
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The nomenclatural status of all published plant names applicable to American Thymelaeaceae at the rank of genus and below is evaluated. Thirty-two of the 256 published names at specific and infraspecific ranks require effective typifications. Lectotypes are designated for 29 names: Daphne lagetto Sw., D. macrophylla Kunth, D. occidentalis Sw., D. pillopillo Gay, Daphnopsis bogotensis Meisn., D. brasiliensis Mart., D. caracasana Meisn., D. caribaea Griseb. var. ecuadorensis Domke, D. coriacea Taub., D. decidua Domke, D. ekmanii Domke, D. ericiflora Gilg & Markgr., D. longifolia Taub., D. longipedunculata Gilg ex Domke, D. longiracemosa Gilg ex Domke, D. martii Meisn., D. purpusii Brandegee var. ehrenbergii Domke, D. racemosa Griseb., D. sessiliflora Griseb. ex Taub., D. zamorensis Domke, Goodallia guianensis Benth., G. guianensis var. parvifolia Benth., Lagetta funifera Mart. & Zucc. (epitype also designated), Linostoma albifolium Barb. Rodr., Lophostoma bolleanum Domke, Schoenobiblus coriaceus Domke, S. daphnoides Mart., S. ellipticus Pilg., and S. peruvianus Standl. Neotypes are designated for three names: Daphnopsis crassifolia (Poir.) Meisn. var. eggersii Krug & Urb., D. pseudosalix Domke, and D. selerorum Gilg.

Zachary S. Rogers "Nomenclatural Notes on American Thymelaeaceae," Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 20(4), 448-462, (29 November 2010).
Published: 29 November 2010

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