29 November 2010 A Synopsis of Neotropical Stylogyne (Myrsinaceae)
Jon M. Ricketson, John J. Pipoly III
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A complete list of accepted names for the Neotropical genus Stylogyne A. DC. (Myrsinaceae) comprises 35 species and two subspecies. The name Stylogyne lateriflora (Sw.) Mez is neotypified. The following 21 names are lectotypified: Ardisia clusioides Griseb., A. hostmannii Miq., A. surinamensis Miq., Stylogyne amazonica Mez, S. atra Mez, S. balaensis Mez, S. canaliculata (Lodd.) Mez, S. depauperata Mez, S. flumensis (Mez) Ricketson & Pipoly, S. funckiana Mez, S. kappleri Mez, S. micans Mez, S. nigricans (A. DC.) Mez, S. pauciflora Mez, S. poeppigii Mez, S. sellowiana Mez, S. serpentina Mez, S. sordida Mez, S. spruceana Mez, S. venezuelana Mez, and S. warmingii Mez. One error in the original protologue is corrected for S. darienensis Lundell. Two new combinations, S. fluminensis (Mez) Ricketson & Pipoly and S. sublaevigata (Kuntze) Ricketson & Pipoly, are made. Finally, 13 names are newly synonymized within Stylogyne.

Jon M. Ricketson and John J. Pipoly III "A Synopsis of Neotropical Stylogyne (Myrsinaceae)," Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 20(4), 437-447, (29 November 2010). https://doi.org/10.3417/2010027
Published: 29 November 2010
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