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20 September 2023 Sustaining Rangelands in the 21st Century
Nathan F. Sayre
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  • The major threats to sustaining rangelands in the 21st century are climate and land-use change, both of which originate outside of rangelands themselves.

  • Society's demands on rangelands have shifted away from livestock production and toward services and disservices such as climate mitigation and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Sustaining rangelands in the United States depends on sustainability of the larger beef production system, including crop agriculture, feeding, and finishing.

  • Understanding the history of the beef system helps identify strategies and priorities for sustaining rangelands and meeting society's evolving demands.

Nathan F. Sayre "Sustaining Rangelands in the 21st Century," Rangelands 45(4), 53-59, (20 September 2023).
Published: 20 September 2023
beef production
climate change
land-use change
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