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1 April 2013 Brown Hyaena Feeding Ecology on Namibian Farmlands
Andrew B. Stein, Todd K. Fuller, Laurie L. Marker
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We identified the diet of brown hyaenas (Hyaena brunnea) on the farmlands of north-central Namibia based on scat analysis, den site orts, and evidence of scavenging at leopard (Panthera pardus) kills. In the absence of larger carnivores, which have been credited with providing larger food items for brown hyaenas elsewhere, we compared interspecific dietary overlap and activity patterns with the remaining large carnivores, leopards and cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus). Where hyaenas and leopards were sympatric, diets of both nocturnal species (n = 212 hyaena scats and 41 leopard scats) were quite similar (both >89% wild, with some domestic ungulates), and only somewhat different from cheetahs in a previous study. Additionally, evidence of brown hyaena scavenging was found at 76% of 29 leopard kills available to them. Brown hyaenas occurring on Namibian farmlands likely find medium-sized to large ungulate prey by scavenging from leopards and perhaps cheetahs.

Andrew B. Stein, Todd K. Fuller, and Laurie L. Marker "Brown Hyaena Feeding Ecology on Namibian Farmlands," South African Journal of Wildlife Research 43(1), 27-32, (1 April 2013).
Received: 31 October 2012; Accepted: 1 March 2013; Published: 1 April 2013

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