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1 April 2014 Vocal Behaviour of the Red-Crested Korhaan, Lophotis ruficrista, in South Africa
Johann H. van Niekerk
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The purposes of the study were to describe the vocal repertoire of the Red-crested Korhaan, (Lophotis ruficrista) and the nature and intensity of male call rivalry during the breeding season. Many hours of field sound data were recorded and behavioural observations were recorded in the field. During the breeding season two or three adult male Red-crested Korhaans group together in close proximity to one another at established sites (∼2.4 ha), calling simultaneously and continuously, while performing aerial displays. The Red-crested Korhaan's repertoire consists of three basic calls. One of these, the peep call, was often uttered in four identifiable variations. The main function of these peep calls is to facilitate courtship and hence reproduction. The peeping call of males overlap to mask one another's calls. Alternate calling, and variations of the peep call, suggest that females are attracted to males that group together. Females respond to male peep calls at the start of the breeding season.

Johann H. van Niekerk "Vocal Behaviour of the Red-Crested Korhaan, Lophotis ruficrista, in South Africa," South African Journal of Wildlife Research 44(1), 24-31, (1 April 2014).
Received: 3 September 2012; Accepted: 1 August 2013; Published: 1 April 2014
Red-crested Korhaan
vocal behaviour
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