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22 December 2023 A Buteo sp. Hawk Predates a Hummingbird (Trochilidae) during Autumn Migration
Theodore J. Zenzal Jr., Emily J. Lain
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Predation can play a significant role on survival during migration as birds find themselves competing for resources in unfamiliar habitats. Here we describe the first documented observation of a Buteo platypterus (Broad-winged Hawk) predating an Archilochus colubris (Ruby-throated Hummingbird) during autumn migration. To our knowledge, this is the first documented record of any Buteo sp. hawk predating any Trochilidae (hummingbird). While predation on hummingbirds likely represents a minor source of mortality, identifying sources of predation and mortality is important in understanding the risk of migration for any species.

Theodore J. Zenzal Jr. and Emily J. Lain "A Buteo sp. Hawk Predates a Hummingbird (Trochilidae) during Autumn Migration," Southeastern Naturalist 22(4), N67-N71, (22 December 2023).
Published: 22 December 2023
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