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8 September 2014 Life table parameters of Phytoseius plumifer (Phytoseiidae) fed on Rhyncaphytoptus ficifoliae (Diptilomiopidae) under laboratory conditions
Mojdeh Louni, Shahriar Jafari, Jahanshir Shakarami
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Rhyncaphytoptus ficifoliae Keifer is one of the most important pests of fig in southwestern Iran.Phytoseius plumifer Canestrini & Fanzago is a phytoseiid mite on fig that is found naturally in Iran and can feed and reproduce on R. ficifoliae and other pest mites. The life table parameters of this predator on adult stages of R. ficifoliae were determined under laboratory conditions at 25±1°C, 65±5% RH and a photoperiod of 12:12 h (L: D). The results demonstrated that P. plumifer can develop on adult stages of R. ficifoliae. The developmental time of egg, larva, protonymph, deutonymph and all immature stages was 1.94±0.08, 1.12±0.05, 2.71±0.07, 2.92±0.04 and 8.73±0.07 days, respectively. The egg hatch rate and the survival rate for immature stages were 100%. Female adult longevity and life span were 39.36±0.26 and 48.10±0.25 days, respectively. The sex ratio was 65% female. The mean generation time (T), net reproductive rate (R0), intrinsic rate of increase (rm) and finite rate of increase (λ) were 18.78±0.19 days, 17.99±0.35 female offspring, 0.154±0.001 and 1.166±0.001 day-1, respectively. The mean number of preys consumed daily by the protonymphs, deutonymphs and female individuals was 13.13, 18.46 and 26.70, respectively. The findings of this study offer new information on the life table parameters of P. plumifer fed on R. ficifoliae, and can be used in integrated management programs against this pest.

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Mojdeh Louni, Shahriar Jafari, and Jahanshir Shakarami "Life table parameters of Phytoseius plumifer (Phytoseiidae) fed on Rhyncaphytoptus ficifoliae (Diptilomiopidae) under laboratory conditions," Systematic and Applied Acarology 19(3), 275-282, (8 September 2014).
Accepted: 1 June 2014; Published: 8 September 2014

Ficus Carica
Life table parameters
Phytoseius plumifer
Rhyncaphytoptus ficifoliae
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