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1 July 2010 Three New Pitcairnia Species (Bromeliaceae) from the Inselbergs of Espírito Santo, Brazil
Elton M. C. Leme, André Paviotti Fontana, Heidemarie Halbritter
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Three morphologically and ecologically closely related new Pitcairnia species (Bromeliaceae: Pitcairnioideae), P. barbatostigma Leme & A. P. Fontana, P. glauca Leme & A. P. Fontana, and P. diversifolia Leme & A. P. Fontana, from the inselberge of Espírito Santo State, southeastern Brazil, are described and illustrated. These taxa form a putative natural complex of species, together with their close relative, P. azouryi Martinelli & Forzza, based on propagation by means of slender rhizomes; leaves forming a conspicuous bulbous-like base; basal leaf blades deciduous along a straight, strongly spirally enrolled transverse line; simple racemose inflorescence of varying shades of green and different concentrations of purple-wine irregular spots, and white lanate except for the petals; comparatively long flowers with nocturnal anthesis; naked petals, forming a tubular, zygomorphic corolla; and by the sulcate and oblate, large-sized, reticulate, more or less heterobrochate pollen grains.

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Elton M. C. Leme, André Paviotti Fontana, and Heidemarie Halbritter "Three New Pitcairnia Species (Bromeliaceae) from the Inselbergs of Espírito Santo, Brazil," Systematic Botany 35(3), 487-496, (1 July 2010).
Published: 1 July 2010
Atlantic forest
pollen morphology
South America
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