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1 October 2010 A Systematic Revision of the Genus Erythrophyllopsis (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta)
María J. Cano, Juan A. Jiménez, Juan F. Jiménez
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A revision of the moss genus Erythrophyllopsis (Pottiaceae) recognized two species: E. andina and E. zanderi sp. nov. Barbula fuscula, Erythrophyllopsis boliviana, Glyphomitrium ferrugineum, Tortula semivaginata, and Trichostomum juniperinum are synonymized with E. andina. Erythrophyllopsis zanderi includes Zander's (1993) concept of Erythrophyllastrum andinum. Lectotypes for Barbula fuscula, Erythrophyllopsis boliviana, Trichostomum juniperinum, and Tortula semivaginata are here proposed. A new key, detailed descriptions, illustrations, and a distribution map are provided. Maximum parsimony and Bayesian analyses of cpDNA sequences (trnL-trnF and trnG regions) suggest that Erythrophyllopsis is nested within Bryoerythrophyllum. A denser sampling and the use of other phylogenetic markers are required to better understand the generic and suprageneric relationships of Erythrophyllopsis.

© Copyright 2010 by the American Society of Plant Taxonomists
María J. Cano, Juan A. Jiménez, and Juan F. Jiménez "A Systematic Revision of the Genus Erythrophyllopsis (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta)," Systematic Botany 35(4), 683-694, (1 October 2010).
Published: 1 October 2010
molecular phylogeny
South America
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