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1 January 2001 Addendum
J. Klicka, K. P. Johnson, S. M. Lanyon(2000)
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In a recent contribution (Klicka et al. 2000), we presented an analysis of New World nine-primaried oscine relationships based on DNA sequences of mitochondrial cytochrome-b and NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2 (ND2) genes. Those sequence data for the species we examined have now been deposited in Genbank and can be accessed using the following accession numbers: ND2: AF290100–AF290136 and cytochrome-b: AF290137–AF290176.

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J. Klicka, K. P. Johnson, and S. M. Lanyon . 2000. New World nine-primaried oscine relationships: Constructing a mitochondrial DNA framework. Auk 117:321–336. Google Scholar


J. Klicka, K. P. Johnson, and S. M. Lanyon(2000) "Addendum," The Auk 118(1), 267, (1 January 2001).[0267:A]2.0.CO;2
Published: 1 January 2001
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