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1 April 2001 Erratum
Per G. P. Ericson
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Ericson et al. (2000) reported on the taxonomic distributions of two insertions in the nuclear c-myc gene observed in a survey of passerine species. On the basis of an expanded set of sequences, it has become evident that the most parsimonious placement for the first insertion is between positions 789 and 790 in the published chicken (Gallus) sequence (Watson et al. 1983). The positional change of this insertion does not affect the phylogenetic interpretation of its occurrence. We thank Michael J. Braun and John Harshman for alerting us to the possibility that the insertion should be located at a different position than was first suggested.

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Per G. P. Ericson "Erratum," The Auk 118(2), 563, (1 April 2001).[0563:E]2.0.CO;2
Published: 1 April 2001
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