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Ned K. Johnson joined the AOU in 1951 and has been an important part of its operation for the past half-century. He was elected an Elective Member in 1964 and a Fellow in 1971. He served as President (1996–1998) and President-Elect (1994–1996), as Editor of Ornithological Monographs (1990–1993), and as Elective Councilor for two terms (1976–1978, 1987–1990). He chaired the Committee on Local Arrangements for the 95th Stated Meeting (Berkeley, 1977). That meeting was memorable for many reasons, including the first audio Auklet (with an uncredited, but unmistakable narration by Ned) and a reported sighting of a Great Auk on the Farallon boat trip.

Ned was appointed to the Committee on Classification and Nomenclature of North American Birds in 1963 and served on this committee for 36 years, a record shared only by three members of the original Committee on Classification and Nomenclature—Joel A. Allen, William Brewster, and Robert Ridgway. He has also served as member or chair of the Committees on Archives, Bird Collections, Brewster and Coues Awards, Local Arrangements, Nomination of Officers, Nomination of Fellows and Elective Members, Publications, Scientific Program, and Scientific and Educational Use of Wild Birds. From 1963 to 1998 he accumulated a total of 69 committee-years of service to the AOU. His impact on the AOU and its operation is significant and ongoing. The Executive Committee of the American Ornithologists' Union takes great pleasure in presenting the Marion Jenkinson AOU Service Award for 2001 to Ned K. Johnson.

Award criteria.—The Marion Jenkinson AOU Service Award was created by the Council in 1996 in honor of Marion Jenkinson Mengel, who served the AOU as Treasurer and in other capacities for many years. It is awarded to an individual who has performed continued extensive service to the AOU, including holding elected offices but emphasizing volunteered contributions and committee participation. Recipients are selected by the AOU Executive Committee. Previous recipients of the award include Glen E. Woolfenden (1996), Richard C. Banks (1998), Max Thompson (1999), and James P. Dean (2000).


"MARION JENKINSON AOU SERVICE AWARD, 2001: NED K. JOHNSON," The Auk 119(1), 283, (1 January 2002).[0283:MJASAN]2.0.CO;2
Published: 1 January 2002
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