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20 December 2019 Notice of New Applications to the Commission (Cases 3813–3817)
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The following five new applications have been received since the last Notice of New Applications was published in the Bulletin (volume 76: 98–99, 30 August 2019). Under Article 82 of the Code, the prevailing usage of names in the applications is to be maintained until the Commission's rulings on the applications (as Opinions) have been published.

Case 3813: Acalyptini Thomson, 1859 (Hexapoda, Coleoptera) and Acalyptini Blatchley, 1926 (Hexapoda, Heteroptera): proposed removal of homonymy by emendation of the latter name to Acalyptaini. Dmitry A. Gapon, Victor B. Golub and Alexander H. Knudson.

Case 3814: Proposed conservation of usage of the name Mylothris agathina Cramer, 1779 (Lepidoptera, Pieridae). Haydon Warren-Gash.

Case 3815: Tyrannosauridae Osborn, 1906 (Dinosauria, Theropoda): proposed conservation by reversal of precedence of Deinodontidae Cope, 1866 and Dryptosauridae Marsh, 1890. Chan-gyu Yun.

Case 3816: Anisoscelis Berthold, 1827 (Insecta, Hemiptera, Coreidae): proposed conservation of existing usage by designating Lygaeus foliaceus Fabricius, 1803 as the type species. W. R. Dolling.

Case 3817: Turdus ustulatus Nuttall, 1840 (currently Catharus ustulatus; Aves, Passeriformes, Turdidae): proposed conservation of prevailing usage by designation of a neotype. Matthew R. Halley.

"Notice of New Applications to the Commission (Cases 3813–3817)," The Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 76(1), 166, (20 December 2019).
Published: 20 December 2019

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