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  • (1) Applications and correspondence relating to applications to the Commission should be sent to the ICZN at the address given on the inside of the front cover and on the Commission website. English is the official language of the Bulletin. Please take careful note of instructions to authors (available online at as incorrectly formatted applications will be returned to authors for revision. The Commission's Secretariat will, where possible, answer general nomenclatural (as opposed to purely taxonomic) enquiries and assist with the formulation of applications and, as far as it can, check the main nomenclatural references in applications. Correspondence should preferably be sent by e-mail to

  • (2) The Commission votes on applications eight months after they have been published, although this period is normally extended to enable comments to be submitted. Comments for publication relating to applications (either in support or against, or offering alternative solutions) should be submitted as soon as possible. Comments may be edited (see instructions for submission of comments at

  • (3) Requests for help and advice on the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature can be made directly to the Commission and other interested parties via our home page or via enquiry to the Secretariat (

  • (4) The Commission also welcomes the submission of general-interest articles on nomenclatural themes or nomenclatural notes on particular issues. These should be mainly nomenclatural in content but may deal with taxonomy as required by the context. Articles and notes should be sent to

"BULLETIN OF ZOOLOGICAL NOMENCLATURE," The Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 79(1), 1, (15 October 2022).
Published: 15 October 2022
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