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27 April 2019 Distribution of cave-dwelling pseudoscorpions (Arachnida) in Brazil
Diego Monteiro Von Schimonsky, Maria Elina Bichuette
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Pseudoscorpions are among the most diverse of the smaller arachnid orders, but there is relatively little information about the distribution of these tiny animals, especially in Neotropical caves. Here, we map the distribution of the pseudoscorpions in Brazilian caves and record 12 families and 22 genera based on collections analyzed over several years, totaling 239 caves from 13 states in Brazil. Among them, two families (Atemnidae and Geogarypidae) with three genera (Brazilatemnus Muchmore, 1975, ParatemnoidesHarvey, 1991 and Geogarypus Chamberlin, 1930) are recorded for the first time in cave habitats as, well as seven other genera previously unknown for Brazilian caves (Olpiolum Beier, 1931, Pachyolpium Beier 1931, TyrannochthoniusChamberlin, 1929, Lagynochthonius Beier, 1951, Neocheiridium Beier 1932, Ideoblothrus Balzan, 1892 and Heterolophus Tömösváry, 1884). These genera are from families already recorded in this habitat, which have their distributional ranges expanded for all other previously recorded genera. Additionally, we summarize records of Pseudoscorpiones based on previously published literature and our data for 314 caves. We present these data in maps, considering the Brazilian biogeographical provinces. For the genus SpelaeochernesMahnert, 2001, we reevaluate its Schiner-Racovitza status and propose that all species represent troglobites. Finally, we discuss the ranges of the pseudoscorpion families/genera.

Diego Monteiro Von Schimonsky and Maria Elina Bichuette "Distribution of cave-dwelling pseudoscorpions (Arachnida) in Brazil," The Journal of Arachnology 47(1), 110-123, (27 April 2019).
Received: 4 January 2018; Published: 27 April 2019
biogeographical provinces
cave fauna
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