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29 July 2021 On the harvestmen species described by Gray in Cuvier's Animal Kingdom (Opiliones: Eupnoi, Laniatores)
Adriano Brilhante Kury
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The English counterpart of Cuvier's Le Règne Animal, organized by Edward Griffith in several volumes, contained not only a translation of the French original, but also new material added by invited collaborators. The part on Arachnida, with new material contributed by George R. Gray, contained descriptions of five species of Opiliones, one of them a mite, and two of them new. There are identifications, synonymies and homonymies involved in the taxonomy of these species which are questioned herein. Gonoleptes spinipes Gray, [20 July] 1833 is a senior primary homonym of Gonyleptes spinipes Perty, [13 December] 1833. This is currently a species inquirenda in Caelopyginae, which is newly considered a subjective synonym of Metarthrodes triangularisRoewer, 1931. The latter name should stand in virtue of the senior being invalid by homonymy. Gonoleptes spinipes Gray is also a new subjective synonym of Goniosoma roridumPerty, 1833, which is in prevailing usage, which makes it a nomen protectum.

Adriano Brilhante Kury "On the harvestmen species described by Gray in Cuvier's Animal Kingdom (Opiliones: Eupnoi, Laniatores)," The Journal of Arachnology 49(2), 217-224, (29 July 2021).
Received: 15 May 2020; Published: 29 July 2021
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