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18 November 2020 Houstonia micrantha in Georgia: Ecological and morphological observations
Robert Wyatt, Ann Stoneburner
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The geographical range of the species now known as Houstonia micrantha has been uncertain, in part because of taxonomic confusion with its sister species, Houstonia pusilla. Previously believed to be restricted to two counties in eastern and central Georgia, it is now apparent that this homostylous winter annual is much more widespread. In fact, its recent spread and its enormous potential to multiply and invade disturbed sites suggest that it may spread to many states far to the east and north of its original range. This species has probably been overlooked as it has spread to new areas because it is small and has inconspicuous flowers compared with most species of Houstonia and completes its life cycle in a very short period of time early in the spring.

©Copyright 2020 by The Torrey Botanical Society
Robert Wyatt and Ann Stoneburner "Houstonia micrantha in Georgia: Ecological and morphological observations," The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 147(4), 381-388, (18 November 2020).
Received: 12 June 2020; Published: 18 November 2020
Houstonia micrantha
Houstonia pusilla
plant distribution
range expansion
winter annuals
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