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1 May 2002 Economic assessment of diclosulam and flumioxazin in strip- and conventional-tillage peanut
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Experiments were conducted in Lewiston, NC, in 1999 and 2000 and Rocky Mount, NC, in 1999 to evaluate weed management systems in strip- and conventional-tillage peanut. The peanut cultivars grown were ‘NC 10C’, ‘NC 12C’, and ‘NC 7’, respectively. Weed management systems consisted of different combinations of preemergence (PRE) herbicides including diclosulam and flumioxazin plus commercial postemergence (POST) herbicide systems. Dimethenamid plus diclosulam or flumioxazin PRE controlled common lambsquarters, eclipta, and prickly sida at least 91%. Diclosulam and flumioxazin provided variable control of three Ipomoea species (59 to 91%) and bentazon plus acifluorfen POST provided > 90% control. Only diclosulam systems controlled yellow nutsedge 90% late season. Annual grass control required clethodim late POST, regardless of tillage system. Dimethenamid plus diclosulam or flumioxazin PRE produced equivalent yields and net returns with no significant differences between the two PRE options. Both systems produced higher yields and net returns than dimethenamid regardless of the POST herbicide option. The tillage production system did not influence weed control of eight weeds, peanut yields, or net returns. The addition of diclosulam or flumioxazin to dimethenamid PRE improved weed control compared with dimethenamid PRE alone.

Nomenclature: Acifluorfen; bentazon; clethodim; diclosulam; dimethenamid; flumioxazin; common lambsquarters, Chenopodium album L. CHEAL; eclipta, Eclipta prostrata L. ECLAL; prickly sida, Sida spinosa L. SIDSP; yellow nutsedge, Cyperus esculentus L. CYPES; peanut, ‘NC-7’, ‘NC-10’, ‘NC-12’, Arachis hypogaea L.

Scott B. Clewis, Shawn D. Askew, and John W. Wilcut "Economic assessment of diclosulam and flumioxazin in strip- and conventional-tillage peanut," Weed Science 50(3), 378-385, (1 May 2002).[0378:EAODAF]2.0.CO;2
Received: 12 June 2001; Accepted: 14 October 2001; Published: 1 May 2002

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