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1 March 2005 Editorial
Henrik Andrén, Michel Vallance
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The two journals Wildlife Biology and Game and Wildlife Sciences have merged into Wildlife Biology in 2005. This is a result of the French National Game and Wildlife Service (ONCFS) becoming an associate member of the Nordic Board for Wildlife Research (NKV) in 2005. The Nordic countries and France share a strong tradition of hunting and wildlife management. Furthermore, Wildlife Biology and Game and Wildlife Sciences are scientific journals dealing with the management and conservation of wildlife species and habitats, giving special attention to game species and hunting management. Therefore, the fusion of Wildlife Biology and Game and Wildlife Sciences was easy, and we hope it will increase the scientific impact of Wildlife Biology.

As a result of this fusion, Wildlife Biology will increase its size (a 20-% increase in number of pages) in September this year. The number of subscribers has also increased by about 35%, as all subscribers of Game and Wildlife Sciences will receive Wildlife Biology. Thus, we are looking at the future for Wildlife Biology with great appreciation.

Funds provided by NKV and ONCFS for publishing Wildlife Biology are mainly from hunting licenses paid by hunters in the different countries, either directly as in Sweden and France or indirectly through the national budget as in Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway. This support is a very strong incentive to the editorial committee to focus on themes and techniques that are addressing wildlife management issues. It is also a reason for hunters and their associations to read Wildlife Biology.

To increase the accessibility of Wildlife Biology, we will have French abstracts of all papers published in Wildlife Biology on our home page ( We also welcome all authors to submit an abstract in their own native language that we will publish on our home page.

Henrik Andrén and Michel Vallance "Editorial," Wildlife Biology 11(1), 1, (1 March 2005).[1:E]2.0.CO;2
Published: 1 March 2005

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