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1 December 2006 Editorial
Henrik Andrén, Anne Loison, Jon E. Swenson
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The first issue of Wildlife Biology was published almost 12 years ago. At that time most journals were printed and few were online. Today, some journals can only be found online, but most are both printed and online. Wildlife Biology has been an exception as it has hitherto not been published online. This has probably hampered a broader distribution of the papers published in our journal. Therefore we are pleased to announce that as of January 2007 Wildlife Biology will be published online through the BioOne network. This means that subscribers to BioOne.2 will be able to retrieve all articles published in 2005, 2006 and onwards.

Since the start, the popularity of Wildlife Biology has been increasing as indicated by our newest impact factor and a growing number of high-quality submissions. Due to the popularity of our journal we now have a rather large backlog of accepted papers, in part explained by the relatively low number of pages in each issue of Wildlife Biology. Over the years we have nearly doubled the number of pages in each issue; in 1995 we started out with 64 pages per issue and in 2006 we have printed 112 pages per issues. In 2007 we hope to increase the number of pages even more. However, this is not free, so therefore it has been necessary for us to make some changes. Up until now Wildlife Biology has been printed in and distributed from Denmark, but due to increasing costs we have decided to team up with Allen Press in the U.S. who from the beginning of 2007 will be responsible for the printing and distribution of Wildlife Biology. This may free some means which will be used to increase the number of pages per issue. Our move to Allen Press will have another implication for our authors. Changes to articles that have been technically edited and set will now have a price. Allen Press will charge us for every change they have to make to articles that have already been set, and we have no other option than to forward this charge to our authors. This will not be done for profits, but only to neutralise costs.

We are aware that the increasing backlog of accepted papers may deter authors from submitting articles. Therefore it is our first priority to bring down the backlog to an acceptable level. To help us reach this goal the Editorial Board of Wildlife Biology have decided to introduce a page charge for articles comprising more than 10 pages. The page charge is set at DKK 500.00 (approx. € 68.00 or US $ 90.00) per page above 10, meaning that for a 12-page article there will be a page charge of DKK 1,000.00. The page charge is applicable only to papers submitted in 2007 and later, i.e. articles are submitted before 1 January 2007 will not be affected. The purpose of this is not to make money, but to encourage our authors to write shorter articles, and thus to make room for more articles in each issue. Students or researchers without institutional affiliations may be granted exemption from the pages charges after agreement with the Editorial Board. Authors of accepted papers may therefore soon receive the good news that their papers will be published sooner than expected and it is our sincerest hope that this new strategy will help us bring down our backlog.

For further information on these new measures please visit the news section on our website:

In 2007 we will publish two supplementary issues; one contains the proceedings of the 10th International Grouse Symposium held in Bagnères de Luchon, France, during 26–30 September 2005, the other contains the proceedings of the 1st International Wolverine Symposium held in Jokkmokk, Sweden, on 13–15 June 2005. All subscribers to Wildlife Biology will receive these two supplementary issues free of charge.

Thank you for your interest and your support which is essential for making and keeping Wildlife Biology an exciting place to publish original research as well as new ideas and reviews about wildlife ecology and management.

Henrik Andrèn, Chairman of NKV

Anne Loison, Editor-in-Chief

Jon E. Swenson, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Henrik Andrén, Anne Loison, and Jon E. Swenson "Editorial," Wildlife Biology 12(4), 345-346, (1 December 2006).[345:E]2.0.CO;2
Published: 1 December 2006
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