The present issue is the first Symposium Proceedings published in Wildlife Biology. Due to the applied character of their science, game and wildlife biologists organise scientific meetings on special and relatively restricted topics. These ‘gatherings’ summarise the most recent knowledge, and produce syntheses of importance to most administrators, managers and different wildlife organisations.

I feel convinced that this issue, dealing with introduced wildlife, will be received with applause as this is still a hot topic in many countries all over the world. I will take the opportunity to thank the organisers for the good results obtained at the workshop, and my special thanks go to Dr. Petri Nummi, who was the Special Editor of this issue.

The articles of this issue were subjected to the usual refereeing procedures of WILDLIFE BIOLOGY. Although we may be publishing proceedings also in the future, we will not allow them to ‘disturb’ the publication of other scientific articles. But one issue per year might be devoted to proceedings presented at scientific meetings.

Harto Lindén "Editorial," Wildlife Biology 2(3), 129, (1 September 1996).
Published: 1 September 1996
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