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1 November 1996 New taxa of tuberous Corydalis (Fumariaceae)
Magnus Lidén
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Nine species, i.e. C. fukuharae, C. geocarpa, C. gyrophylla, C. linjiangensis, C. lydica, C. ohii. C. ornata. C. podlechii, C. seisumsiana, 13 subspecies and 10 subdivisions of the genus Corydalis are described as new to science; nine combinations are formed as names new to science. A synopsis of the classification of the tuberous species of Corydalis is given.

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Magnus Lidén "New taxa of tuberous Corydalis (Fumariaceae)," Willdenowia 26(1/2), 23-35, (1 November 1996).
Published: 1 November 1996
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