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10 December 2014 A remarkable new Salsola and Some new records of Chenopodiaceae from Central Anatolia, Turkey
Helmut Freitag, Mecit Vural, Nezaket Adigüzel
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The chenopod flora of a badland area 120 km WNW of Ankara was studied with the following results: Salsola grandis is described as a species new to science and illustrated, the presence of two species, viz. Anabasis aphylla and Atriplex aucheri, not listed in ‘Flora of Turkey’ but earlier reported from E Anatolia by Russian authors, is confirmed, and four species, viz. Atriplex laevis, Halanthium kulpianum, Petrosimonia nigdeensis and Salsola nitraria, are newly recorded from NW Central Anatolia. Salsola grandis belongs to S. sect. Salsola s.str. and is distantly related to S. soda. From the number and frequency of halophytic and semi-desert chenopod species, particularly from the presence of both the rather isolated endemic Salsola grandis and the strongly disjunct Anabasis aphylla, the conclusion is drawn that the area SE of Nallıhan has a much drier climate than its surroundings. Very likely, the evolution of S. grandis has taken place there from Tertiary times onwards, and the other disjunct species might have invaded later during drier climatic phases of the Pleistocene or early Holocene.

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Helmut Freitag, Mecit Vural, and Nezaket Adigüzel "A remarkable new Salsola and Some new records of Chenopodiaceae from Central Anatolia, Turkey," Willdenowia 29(1/2), 123-139, (10 December 2014).
Published: 10 December 2014
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