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10 December 1999 New records for the flora of the United Arab Emirates
Benno Böer, Shaukat Ali Chaudhary
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Botanical collections in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and adjacent areas in Oman over the last three years have revealed the presence of 50 spontaneously occurring species of angiosperms new to the UAE, representing about 6 % of the known UAE flora. Of these, Roemeria refracta, and a further species, Plantago stocksii, found near the UAE border in Oman, were not previously recorded for the Arabian Peninsula.

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Benno Böer and Shaukat Ali Chaudhary "New records for the flora of the United Arab Emirates," Willdenowia 29(1/2), 159-165, (10 December 1999).
Published: 10 December 1999
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