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10 December 1999 Studies in the Compositae of the Arabian Peninsula and Socotra — 1. Pulicaria gamal-eldinae sp. nova (Inuleae) bridges the gap between Pulicaria and former Sclerostephane (now P. sect. Sclerostephane)
Norbert Kilian
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A species discovered in the province of Al Mahra, SE Yemen, holding an intermediate position between Pulicaria and the small NE Somalian genus Sclerostephane is described as new to science. A comparative study of the morphology and anatomy of achenes and pappus of this species, of Sclerostephane and of species of the Omani-Makranian Pulicaria glaucescens group, which is identified as the closest ally of the new species, shows that the peculiar achenes of Sclerostephane, which were the decisive reason for its separation from Pulicaria, are morphologically much closer to those of the latter genus than thought previously. Reconsideration of the phylogenetic position of Sclerostephane based on these results leads to the conclusion that Sclerostephane is more appropriately treated as a section of Pulicaria, in which also the new Yemeni species is to be included. The new species is described as Pulicaria gamal-eldinae, and belongs to the informal P. glaucescens group, comprising P. boissieri, P. carnosa, P. edmondsonii and P. glaucescens. P. sect. Sclerostephane is formally established, the necessary new combinations P. collenettei, P. discoidea and P. longifolia are made, and a key to the species of the new section is provided.

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[1] 1 This and the following instalments of this series in the present volume are dedicated to Prof. H. W. Lack on the occasion of his 50th anniversary.

Norbert Kilian "Studies in the Compositae of the Arabian Peninsula and Socotra — 1. Pulicaria gamal-eldinae sp. nova (Inuleae) bridges the gap between Pulicaria and former Sclerostephane (now P. sect. Sclerostephane)," Willdenowia 29(1/2), 167-185, (10 December 1999).
Published: 10 December 1999
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