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7 August 2000 Notes on Aristolochia linearifolia and A. stenophylla (Aristolochiaceae), a vicarious species pair from the Greater Antilles (Cuba and Hispaniola)
Rosa Rankin Rodríguez, Werner Greuter
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Aristolochia linearifolia, a local endemic of E Cuba, and A. stenophylla, restricted to SW Hispaniola (mainly Haiti, but here first reported from the Dominican Republic), are closely related but distinct species even though they have sometimes been lumped together. They are described, contrasted, and compared with their closest relatives, A. oblongata and A. chasmema. Typification is discussed. For A. linearifolia a lectotype is designated, after consideration of the notorious problems that are linked with the Cuban collections of Charles Wright, the discoverer of the species. The holotype of A. stenophylla was destroyed in 1943, and although duplicate material exists that was designated as lectotype, it is of a fragmentary nature, so that an epitype is designated in support.

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Rosa Rankin Rodríguez and Werner Greuter "Notes on Aristolochia linearifolia and A. stenophylla (Aristolochiaceae), a vicarious species pair from the Greater Antilles (Cuba and Hispaniola)," Willdenowia 30(1), 131-139, (7 August 2000).
Published: 7 August 2000

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