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8 December 2000 A revision of Teucrium heterophyllum L'Hér. (Lamiaceae) with two new subspecies of the Canary Islands
Markus Von Gaisberg
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Teucrium heterophyllum, a species originally described from Madeira and also distributed in the Canary Islands, is subdivided into three subspecies on the basis of differences in the calyx length, in the size of the branched, non-glandular trichomes on calyx and leaves, and in their distribution areas. From the Canary Islands T. heterophyllum subsp. hierrense, endemic to El Hierro, and subsp. brevipilosum, endemic to Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Gomera (?) and La Palma, are described as new to science. A key to and a distribution map of the three subspecies are provided.

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Markus Von Gaisberg "A revision of Teucrium heterophyllum L'Hér. (Lamiaceae) with two new subspecies of the Canary Islands," Willdenowia 30(2), 263-271, (8 December 2000).
Published: 8 December 2000

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