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31 August 2001 Synopsis of Stictocardia with another Madagascan species, S. mojangensis (Convolvulaceae)
Daniel F. Austin, Eckart Eich
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Austin, D. F. & Eich, E.: Synopsis of Stictocardia with another Madagascan species, S. mojangensis (Convolvulaceae). — Willdenowia 31: 79–85. 2001. — ISSN 0511-9618.

The Madagascan endemic Ipomoea mojangensis is transferred to Stictocardia and the combination S. mojangensis validated. This species differs from most others in Stictocardia by having large clusters of white to pinkish or pale lavender flowers, reflexed mature fruits with a “cap” and a honey-like liquid that surrounds the seeds and dries to produce a shiny surface. Also in contrast with the other known species, leaves are absent when flowers are present. The species is placed in Stictocardia even though the fruits are in certain respects different from all other known members of that genus. Yet, the endocarp with the pockets that hold the seeds is constant in all known Stictocardia species. The species is described and illustrated, and a key and distribution map are given for all known members of the genus. Furthermore, the species is characterized phytochemically (occurrence of pyrrolidine/tropane/nortropane alkaloids and cyanogenic glycosides).

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Daniel F. Austin and Eckart Eich "Synopsis of Stictocardia with another Madagascan species, S. mojangensis (Convolvulaceae)," Willdenowia 31(1), 79-85, (31 August 2001).
Published: 31 August 2001

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