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31 August 2001 Type material in the Hieracium collection of Hans Schack — 2. Names published by others than Schack
Robert Vogt, Franz Schuhwerk
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Vogt, R. & Schuhwerk, F.: Type material in the Hieracium collection of Hans Schack — 2. Names published by others than Schack. — Willdenowia 31: 153–170. 2001. — ISSN 0511-9618.

Hans Schack (1878–1946) distributed his rich Hieracium collection between the Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem (B) and the Bavarian Botanical Society in Munich. The latter part is now incorporated in the Botanische Staatssammlung München (M). A list of Hieracium names published by various authors on the basis of plant material collected by Schack or deposited in Schack's herbarium is presented here, including information on the type localities given in the protologues. The type material available is listed with full label data and other particulars found on the specimens. The status of the type specimens is discussed, 54 names are lectotypified and three names are transferred to synonymy, viz. Hieracium murorum subsp. heterocladophorum (= H. murorum subsp. oblongum), H. piloselloides subsp. judicarinum (= H. piloselloides subsp. obscurum) and H. wallrothianum (= H. bifidum s. str.).

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Robert Vogt and Franz Schuhwerk "Type material in the Hieracium collection of Hans Schack — 2. Names published by others than Schack," Willdenowia 31(1), 153-170, (31 August 2001).
Published: 31 August 2001

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