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13 December 2002 Contribution to the flora of Greece: a new species of Arundo (Poaceae)
Avinoam Danin, Thomas Raus, Hildemar Scholz
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The new species Arundo hellenica is described from Greece. It is related to A. plinii but differs in smaller size of all morphological structures and in the configuration of the lemma, which, below the awn, is entire at the apex, not bifid as usually in the genus Arundo. The new species, probably a Greek endemic strongly confined to disturbed habitats, behaves as an aggressive weed and may become invasive in other countries.

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Avinoam Danin, Thomas Raus, and Hildemar Scholz "Contribution to the flora of Greece: a new species of Arundo (Poaceae)," Willdenowia 32(2), 191-194, (13 December 2002).
Published: 13 December 2002
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