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13 December 2002 Hypochaeris arachnoidea Poir., a hitherto neglected species in NW Africa
Christoph Oberprieler, Robert Vogt
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The NW African Hypochaeris arachnoidea is reinstated, a detailed description of this annual, a full synonymy including lectotypifications, and a key to the Moroccan species of Hypochaeris are provided. Chromosome numbers and karyotype information for six Moroccan Hypochaeris species from ten populations (including one population from Ireland) are presented and compared with literature data on karyotypes in the genus.

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Christoph Oberprieler and Robert Vogt "Hypochaeris arachnoidea Poir., a hitherto neglected species in NW Africa," Willdenowia 32(2), 231-236, (13 December 2002).
Published: 13 December 2002
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