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13 December 2002 ×Cyathidaria, a new nothogenus in the Cyatheaceae (Pteridophyta)
Manuel G. Caluff
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The nothogenus ×Cyathidaria is established to accommodate various natural hybrids between species of Cyathea and Cnemidaria, all characterised by abortive spores and morphologically intermediate between their respective parent species. ×Cyathidaria acunae, the natural hybrid between Cnemidaria horrida and Cyathea aspera is a newly described nothospecies from Cuba. Four new combinations in ×Cyathidaria are made.

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Manuel G. CaluffCyathidaria, a new nothogenus in the Cyatheaceae (Pteridophyta)," Willdenowia 32(2), 281-283, (13 December 2002).
Published: 13 December 2002
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