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13 December 2002 Cuban novelties in the genus Alsophila (Cyatheaceae)
Manuel G. Caluff, Gustavo Shelton Serrano
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Three new interspecific hybrids of Alsophila have been detected in Cuba: A. ×boytelii in the Sierra Maestra range, E Cuba; A. ×medinae in the Trinidad Mountains, Central Cuba; and A. ×fagildei in the Guantánamo province, E Cuba. They have spores of normal appearance and might therefore well be fertile, as suggested by the presence, in the Gran Piedra area, of a large population of A. ×boytelii; a full range of intermediates linking this hybrid with its parent species suggests the occurrence of backcrossing.

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Manuel G. Caluff and Gustavo Shelton Serrano "Cuban novelties in the genus Alsophila (Cyatheaceae)," Willdenowia 32(2), 303-309, (13 December 2002).
Published: 13 December 2002
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