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13 December 2002 A note on the Cuban tree fern hybrid Cyathea ×calolepis (Cyatheaceae) and on its parentage
Manuel G. Caluff
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Cyathea ×calolepis was first collected by Wright in 1856 or 1857 and after 1859 was not found by any other collector until 1981 when it was rediscovered on the Gran Piedra range in the Sierra Maestra. It has since been collected in several places in the Santiago de Cuba province, twice in the Granma and once in the Guantánamo province, all in E Cuba. It has long been assumed to represent the hybrid between C. arborea and another, unknown tree fern species. This assumption is here corroborated, and it is demonstrated that the second parent is the E Cuban endemic C. strigillosa.



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Manuel G. Caluff "A note on the Cuban tree fern hybrid Cyathea ×calolepis (Cyatheaceae) and on its parentage," Willdenowia 32(2), 311-318, (13 December 2002).
Published: 13 December 2002
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