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25 August 2004 Philodendron pusillum (Araceae), a remarkable new species from Colombia
Eduardo G. Gonçalves, Josef Bogner
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Gonçalves, E. G. & Bogner, J.: Philodendron pusillum (Araceae), a remarkable new species from Colombia. — Willdenowia 34: 297–300. — ISSN 0511-9618; © 2004 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem.

Philodendron pusillum from lowland Colombia, a small terrestrial herb inhabiting the forest floor, is described as a species new to science and compared with the similar P. humile from Brazil. It can be placed into P. subg. Philodendron but its sectional position is still uncertain.

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© 2004 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem.
Eduardo G. Gonçalves and Josef Bogner "Philodendron pusillum (Araceae), a remarkable new species from Colombia," Willdenowia 34(1), 297-300, (25 August 2004).
Published: 25 August 2004
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