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31 August 2007 A new subspecies of Guenthera repanda (Brassicaceae) from Mt Baldo (SE Prealps, Italy)
Filippo Prosser, Alessio Bertolli
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Prosser, F. & Bertolli, A.: A new subspecies of Guenthera repanda (Brassicaceae) from Mt Baldo (SE Prealps, Italy). — Willdenowia 37: 191–198. — ISSN 0511-9618; © 2007 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem. doi:10.3372/wi.37.37108 (available via

Guenthera repanda (≡ Brassica repanda) was discovered on Mt Baldo (SE Prealps, Italy). Comparisons with the known subspecies confirmed that the Mt Baldo populations represents a new taxon, here described as subsp. baldensis. The new subspecies has the closest morphological affinities to subspecies of the eastern Iberian Peninsula and not to the three subspecies known from the Alps and NE Italy. Data on the local distribution and ecology of the new taxon are reported.

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© 2007 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem.
Filippo Prosser and Alessio Bertolli "A new subspecies of Guenthera repanda (Brassicaceae) from Mt Baldo (SE Prealps, Italy)," Willdenowia 37(1), 191-198, (31 August 2007).
Published: 31 August 2007
Brassica repanda
Guenthera repanda subsp. baldensis
Mt Cimo
xerothermic refuge
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