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31 August 2007 Iris orjenii (Iridaceae) — a new species from the littoral Dinaric Alps
Christian Bräuchler, Pavle Cikovac
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Bräuchler, C. & Cikovac, P.: Iris orjenii (Iridaceae) — a new species from the littoral Dinaric Alps. — Willdenowia 37: 221-228. — ISSN 0511-9618; © 2007 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem. doi:10.3372/wi.37.37112 (available via

Iris orjenii from Mt Orjen in Montenegro is described as a species new to science, it is illustrated and the chromosome number of 2n = 24 is given. The differences from the closely related I. pseudopallida and I. reichenbachii are pointed out and details on the synecology of the new species are provided.

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© 2007 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem.
Christian Bräuchler and Pavle Cikovac "Iris orjenii (Iridaceae) — a new species from the littoral Dinaric Alps," Willdenowia 37(1), 221-228, (31 August 2007).
Published: 31 August 2007
Iris pseudopallida
Iris reichenbachii.
Mt Orjen
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