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1 August 2007 Notes on the short-stemmed species of Astragalus sect. Onobrychoidei (Fabaceae) in Iran
Massoud Ranjbar, Mohammad-Reza Rahiminejad, Ali-Asghar Maassoumi
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Ranjbar, M., Rahiminejad, M.-R. & Maassoumi, A.-A.: Notes on the short-stemmed species of Astragalus sect. Onobrychoidei (Fabaceae) in Iran. — Willdenowia 37: 305–312. — ISSN 0511-9618; © 2007 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem. doi:10.3372/wi.37.37119 (available via

Astragalus kiviensis and A. kadschoroides are described as species new to science and illustrated, raising the number of short-stemmed species of A. sect. Onobrychoidei in Iran to five. The other three are A. asciocalyx, A. lilacinus and A. scapiger. A key is provided to the species of this morphological group in Iran, characterized by short stems very densely covered with grey, appressed hairs and becoming woody at the base.

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© 2007 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem.
Massoud Ranjbar, Mohammad-Reza Rahiminejad, and Ali-Asghar Maassoumi "Notes on the short-stemmed species of Astragalus sect. Onobrychoidei (Fabaceae) in Iran," Willdenowia 37(1), 305-312, (1 August 2007).
Published: 1 August 2007
Astragalus kadschoroides.
Astragalus kiviensis
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