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1 July 2009 New species of Cyrilla (Cyrillaceae) from Cuba
Rosalina Berazaín Iturralde
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In the study of the genus Cyrilla in Cuba seven new taxa are described: C. coriacea, C. lutgardae, C. macrocarpa, C. megaphylla, C. microareolata (with two subspecies) and C. silvae. Together with C. cubensis and C. nipensis, previously known, eight Cyrilla species grow in Cuba. Their principal diagnostic features are in leaf morphology and fruit size. Cyrilla species are found growing throughout Cuba, in lowland and mountains, principally in gallery woods along rivers, in montane and submontane rainforest, cloud forest, pine woods, xerophytic ± thorny scrub on serpentine and in savannahs. A key to all Cuban taxa is provided.

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Rosalina Berazaín Iturralde "New species of Cyrilla (Cyrillaceae) from Cuba," Willdenowia 39(1), 121-140, (1 July 2009).
Published: 1 July 2009
Greater Antilles
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