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1 July 2009 Lichens from Johannes V. Jensen Land, N Greenland, the northermost arctic land area
Eric Steen Hansen
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165 taxa of lichens are reported from three localities in Johannes V. Jensen Land in N Greenland. Their associations are briefly indicated. Cladonia libifera and Parmelia skultii are new to Greenland. 130 taxa are new to Johannes V. Jensen Land. Geology and climate of the area are described. The lichen flora is fairly rich in spite of the extremely unfavourable climatic conditions prevailing in this northernmost land area on earth.

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Eric Steen Hansen "Lichens from Johannes V. Jensen Land, N Greenland, the northermost arctic land area," Willdenowia 39(1), 179-186, (1 July 2009).
Published: 1 July 2009
lichen diversity
Lichen ecology
lichenized fungi
Parmelia skultii
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