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4 January 2010 Hygrophila urquiolae (Acanthaceae), a new wetland species from Cuba
Werner Greuter, Rosa Rankin, Alejandro Palmarola
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Hygrophila urquiolae is described in detail and compared with the second Cuban species of the same genus, H. costata. It appears to be a taxonomically isolated species without close known relatives. At present it is known from a single locality in Matanzas Province, close to the northern coast of Cuba, where it belongs to a wetland community with clear affinities to the flora of Florida. As a specimen of unknown provenance, found in a Cuban herbarium, also represents the new species, one may assume that it occurs in other similar habitats of the island as well.

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Werner Greuter, Rosa Rankin, and Alejandro Palmarola "Hygrophila urquiolae (Acanthaceae), a new wetland species from Cuba," Willdenowia 39(2), 285-291, (4 January 2010).
Published: 4 January 2010
hygrophilous flora
Matanzas Province
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