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9 June 2011 A new natural hybrid, Bletia ×ekmanii (Orchidaceae), from Cuba
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The natural hybrid Bletia ×ekmanii (B. patula × B. purpurea) is described and illustrated. Hybrid plants have a semihypogeous subglobose corm, incurved petals enclosing the column, flowers of intermediate size between those of the parental species, a trilobed lip of almost the same size as the lateral sepals with obtuse lateral lobes. Flowers of the hybrid resemble those of B. purpurea but are larger and with a patent lip as in B. patula. The hybrid was found along the roadside from Palenque to Bernardo town, Guantánamo Province, eastern Cuba.

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Maité Serguera Niño and Margarita Sánchez Losada "A new natural hybrid, Bletia ×ekmanii (Orchidaceae), from Cuba," Willdenowia 41(1), 107-111, (9 June 2011).
Published: 9 June 2011

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