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1 June 2012 Argentina recognita (Rosaceae, Potentilleae), a new species from New Guinea, with a key to the species known from the island
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A new species of Argentina from Mt Jaya in the Indonesian part of New Guinea is described, illustrated and compared with related species occurring on the island. It is characterised by having patent hairs on the rachides, almost rounded leaflets that are silvery or greyish green beneath, all stems terminated by flowers, and five stamens. An up-to-date identification key to all currently known Argentina species of New Guinea is provided.

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Jirí Soják "Argentina recognita (Rosaceae, Potentilleae), a new species from New Guinea, with a key to the species known from the island," Willdenowia 42(1), 89-93, (1 June 2012).
Published: 1 June 2012

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